Hardwood flooring could change your home

With hardwood flooring, you'll gain beauty, performance, and a long lifespan. But you'll also find these materials add significant value to your home. There are many added benefits to take advantage of, making them very sought-after.

If you've never experienced solid hardwood flooring, you owe yourself to learn more. These materials could be just what you want and need. And the more you find out, the better choices you can make for the best results.

Visual beauty is a stunning benefit

If you've ever seen existing wood floors, you already know how stunning they are. Their visual versatility comes from a wealth of appearance options. They can include stain color, texture, format, and installation layout. Trends are essential for many homeowners who may look to a theme for their decor. Whitewashed wood is an example that caters to beachy or rustic interiors. But there are plenty more you'll want to consider as you plan your look.

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Durability is always important

Choosing the ideal species can mean everything for your floor's durability. And starting with the perfect species could be the most important. Both solid and engineered wood flooring offer species choices for your ideal result. Some species are harder than others and offer more durability. But you can add to the performance with sealants for impressive performance. Even textured finishes help hide light scratches and scuffs for beautiful floors longer.

Important wood flooring installation facts

Acclimation is always the first step in the hardwood installation process. It equalizes the humidity between the flooring and your home. And it ensures the wood will not warp, crack, or split after installation.

Once you choose your hardwood and layout, we'll tell you what you can expect from the hardwood flooring installation. We'll let you know how long it will take and how to care for the surface afterward. And if you have questions, This is a great time to ask.
Hardwood flooring in Salina, KS from Carpet Central Flooring Center

We have the hardwood flooring you need

At Carpet Central Flooring Center, we offer a wealth of materials and services for your flooring needs. We have more than 25 years of experience in a family-owned business that caters to you. Be sure to speak with our on-hand design experts who can help you create stunning wood floors. If you live in Salina, KS, Abilene, KS, McPherson, KS, Ellsworth, KS, or Concordia, KS, be sure to visit our Salina, KS showroom. Regardless of project size, we will ensure we meet your hardwood flooring needs. Share your vision with us, and we'll take care of the rest.